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Types of Monuments
We offer upright monuments, flat markers, pillow markers, urns or custom designs. We can also do second engravings, shape carvings, specialty photo ceramics & porcelain portraits, bronze, mosaics, marble & statues, and vases or urns.

Upright Markers are usually 6" or 8" thick, and always placed on base stone which is then placed on a granite foundation. These are truly works of art and can be any custom shape.

Pillow Markers are usually 6" thick at the top end tapering to 3" thick at the bottom end. Sometimes these require a foundation depending on the rules of the cemetery.

Stylish Polished Bronzed grave markers are usually set on a granite base, pillow or foundation. They may be set flush with the ground depending on the cemetery's rules.

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Why Pre-plan?

Without pre-need planning, your family has one more decision to make, one more task to see to, after your passing.

A pre-need purchase can relieve them of this responsibility.

If you are planning on having a family memorial, pre-planning will let you and your family members make a decision on what type and design of a memorial your family desires.

Pre-planned purchase lets you choose for yourself

By planning ahead you can select the style, size, and colour of monument you prefer. Through a personalized design, which you help to create, the monument can reflect your beliefs, values, or whatever is meaningful to you. This is your chance to make your personal statement for history.

Protect yourself from rising costs

The purchase of your monument now ... at today's price ... is one way to avoid inflation.

You can select what you are financially comfortable with at today's budget without financially burdening your family when you are gone.

By planning in advance, you protect your family from high pressure sales tactics that can occur at a time when they are under emotional stress.

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Consider joining the growing number of families who are making this decision today. A pre-planned memorial can give eternal expression to the life and love that is uniquely your's and your family's. Contact us for more information.

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