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Let our craftsmen produce a finely finished masterpiece for your loved one.

An example of one of our Pillow Markers

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We offer granite golf course grounds markers, gateways, and benches.

We offer a wide range of granite custom built outdoor furniture and statues.

We stock a variety of vases in Metal, Granite and Marble. Pictured here are our Cameo and Crest models.

Hand etched pet portraits are a distinct way to capture the beauty of your beloved pet.

Serenity in Granite offers a wide variety of memorial products and granite custom designed products. If you can imagine it, sketch it, or describe it, we can create it!

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Please fill in the form below as best as you can and a representative from Serenity in Granite will be in contact with you with a quote. The more specific you are, the more accurate the quote. Please also keep in mind that standard artwork & lettering will be included in the quote. Custom images are extra and the price will depend on number and size of images you desire.

To see samples of our monuments, colours and shapes, please visit our Products page.

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What is the Name of the Cemetery, Town/City and Province this monument will be installed in?
        (Cemetery by-laws must be followed and permit fees may apply)

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Memorial Colour:
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Are you interested in Optional Shapes? Yes No
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Please provide the Name(s), Dates and Epitaph(s) you would like on the memorial:

Memorial Image: In addition to standard sandblasting of artwork and lettering, I am interested in placing an image on the memorial: Yes No
        Note: You will need to provide us with the image. The better quality the image the better the final product.
        If yes above, what type of image(s) do you desire? Porcelain Laser Etch Sand Etch
        Please describe the type of image(s) to be placed on the memorial: (i.e. Scenic, Portrait, Symbol)

Memorial Carvings: I would like to have one or more of the carvings on the memorial:
        (check all that apply)
        Military Emblem(s) Wedding Bands Social Organization Emblem(s) Other
If you checked 'Social Organization' or 'Other' please describe the carving:

Will you need a Foundation underneath the memorial? Yes No
If yes, please describe ground slope of the memorial site:

My Budget is approximately:
        $500 - $1500
        $1500 - $2500
        $2500 - $3500
        $3500 +

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